F2F or ZOOM -


Please contact me to arrange a face to face meeting or telecon to assess your needs and discuss yours goals, free of charge.  From there I can recommend a suitable package & devise a strategic plan to move forward with. 

Scroll down for prices & more information on  different packages.

Please note I do charge an additional mileage fee beyond 5 miles from my home to take account of the extra travel time & fuel costs.


1-2-1 Personal strength & fitness training & menopause coaching*
Individually tailored sessions designed with your goals at the heart of them. Whether its calorie burning high energy circuits, a more measured resistance based session, a discussion around managing your menopause including programme setting or your first time exercising in quite some time, I will constantly monitor your technique and motivate you to push yourself whilst ensuring you remain injury free.  I will travel to you* or meet you in a local park, or hold at my home. 

Price per single 60' session = £55

Price per 10 x 60' sessions = £500

Price per 10 x 45' sessions = £350 (zoom only)

*Excludes all pre and post natal clients - please see below

Athetic Women Sprinting

Getting fit together can be really motivating as well as cost efficient. Sessions will be challenging, competitive and fun.  Importantly, every session will be tailored to work for each person's requirements as well as individual fitness levels.  And each person will get bucket loads of individual coaching and motivation.
Pre and Post Natal Group Session Prices to be Negotiated on an Individual Basis

  • Price per session = £80
  • Maximum of 5 to a group.  The more people, the cheaper the cost
  • Minimum 24 hour cancellation for deferment. 

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Getting you fit and strong for the duration of your pregnancy, the birth process and your first few weeks after baby arrives.  Learn how to maintain good posture, exercise your pelvic floor, use breathing techniques to cope with the added pressure of the baby against your diaphragm and build stamina for the process of labour.  I recommend a minimum of training once a week, optimal is twice.  I will travel to your home or an outdoor space of your choosing. 

  • Single PAYG in Person / Zoom sessions = £60

  • or £550/10 sessions in advance

  • Includes advice on the Do's and Dont's for each trimester. 

  • Deferments owing to sickness acceptable up to 8 hours before.​

Baby Yoga

This bespoke package is particularly suitable for you if you have a weak pelvic floor, limited core strength and a Diastasis Recti (separated abdominal muscles).  You may also have had a C-Section. If you have any of the above symptoms or all of them, then you are definitely in the right place!   I will travel to your home for the sessions (or a place of your choosing). 

At our first session I can give you a "Tummy Gap Test" to assess whether you are suitable to start the programme. I will also do a deep health screen and posture assessment and chat through various complimentary strategies such as tissue release, and nutrition, that will help kick start your recovery.

From the off, we will focus very much on the essentials of restoring the "Costal" breath, and learning to re-engage with your deep core muscles, the TVA & Pelvic Floor. As we move through the programme you will learn how to stay connected with your core as you go about the physically taxing daily life of a new mum.  
Over time you will start to have a little more energy and strength to deal with carrying your baby around, lifting her in and out of the car, and constantly bending down to pick up endless toys!
Combined with life's busy schedule itself, a smart focused exercise programme will help you to eventually tone up and give your self esteem a boost as you re-gain control over your body.
Absolutely no shuttle runs, crunches, planks and press ups to start with though!

Single PAYG in Person or Zoom sessions  = £60 or £550 for 10 in advance

 Includes pre course consultation on completion of questionnaire, posture assessment, tissue release suggestions,  nutritional advice,  plus 60 minutes of strength, release & relax. 

Depending on the size of your DR at the end of the course I may recommend some additional weeks work.  Alternatively, continue building your fitness by signing up for one of my personal training packages. 



  • Payment must be received 24 hours before 1st session begins

  • Minimum 16 hour cancellation for deferment except for pre and post natal. 

  • A mileage & time cost to sessions will be applied beyond a radius of 5 miles from GU28 9NL at an additional cost of 55pence per mile.

  • Money back if not happy with results  - must have attended minimum of 2 sessions / week for one month

  • Clients must sign a Consent form at initial meeting

  • Clients must complete an emailed Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to meeting for the first time. GP permission may be requested if any responses are positive

  • Clients must inform me at each session of any changes in health circumstances since last meeting

Online & In-Person Fitness Session Disclaimer

All clients accept the terms and conditions when participating / registering in a Camilla Lister Fitness online class or live personal training session. You are also required to provide medical information as requested at time of registration.

In doing so, and in taking part, you agree the following:

  • That you undertake all training at your own risk and have discussed any exercise programme and participation in my training sessions with your doctor

  • You have provided Camilla Lister with specific before beginning your session and should this change throughout the course of any training programme you will provide up to date health information

  • By participating in a training session you agree that you are physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment or other illness (other than those declared) that would prevent participation or use of any equipment

  • You accept that by taking part or using any equipment in any sessions that you agree by doing to accept liability of all risks of injury or damage

  • I reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect if you fail to provide accurate and up to date medical information; in this event you shall not be entitled to a credit and you shall be liable for any additional expenses I incur as a result of such cancellation or termination

Camilla Lister Fitness sessions are planned to help you achieve your fitness goals. Results depend on your co-operation with the requirements of the session(s) before, during and after. Results of participation vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. Camilla Lister fitness is not liable for failure in whole or in part in achieving your fitness goals due to your act or omission.