Getting You Fit For Your Future

You may have been exercising consistently through your life and reached a time when what you do no longer seems to have such a positive effect. Perhaps you have never exercised or simply not had the time to do so consistently over the last 10 to 20 years and for whatever reason feel that now is the time.  Brilliant!  It is NEVER too late to get started and make a difference to the way you look and feel.   


Around your late forties, very possibly even earlier than that, into your early fifties, declining hormones can lead to a reduction in muscle mass (sarcopenia) and an increase in abdominal fat.  Excessive cardio training can start to have surprisingly little effect on your weight management: cortisol levels rise, sometimes causing havoc with your sleep patterns, your metabolism and your blood sugar and circulating fat levels.  Actually, a lesser known secret - cardio is not the way to manage one's weight at any age; newer thinking points to strength training - but more of that when we talk!


But the saviour for many of us is Exercise.  It has so many proven benefits for both men and women at this stage of life, such as helping reduce the symptoms of menopause, reversing sarcopenia (muscle mass loss), improving poor posture after years spent at a desk, helping to fight the rapid loss of bone density, alleviating the effects of arthritis, working on your pelvic floor strength, improving cardiovascular health and helping to stabilise sugar levels and help control Type 2 diabetes amongst many.  So exercise is not the enemy; but understanding the best programme for you at this time of life is vital to success.  

If you are looking for help to navigate the mine field of exercising fads then please get in touch and we can discuss how your exercise plan may need a fresh approach as you head into mid life and beyond. Or simply - how to get you started on one!

Please read below for further details or scroll to the bottom and get in touch for a free consultation.   And yes I am very happy to train men. 

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It is known that post-menopausal women have a higher risk of heart disease, with most heart attacks happening in the 10 years after menopause.
Alongside good nutrition, working your heart muscle by exercising at a moderate intensity at least 3 times a week, can really help to reduce this risk. Even gentle exercise such as walking, swimming or Pilates can help improve heart health as well as joint health and respiratory health.

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The lack of oestrogen in women around 50 and testosterone in men around 70 years of age, leads to rapid loss of bone density, which can potentially lead to fractures, bone breaks and osteoporosis.  Alongside this, low oestrogen combined with environment-linked factors will lead to a reduction in the bulk of skeletal muscle and the maximum muscle force a woman can produce.  It also impairs the recovery of muscle after an injury.  

Along with a healthy diet (e.g. adequate levels of calcium, Vitamin D, and K) carrying out some form of weight baring exercise on a regular basis can really help to prevent bone density depletion. You don't really need to lift weights to make a difference; jogging,  hill  walking and body weight resistance exercises are all great ways to maintain bone health.  To really increase muscle mass you do need to actually lift weight of some description.  In my sessions I always ensure we build in lots of resistance with weights.  This in itself will help with your posture & body shape and can really boost your confidence levels too.

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Get in touch and we can talk through what you would like to achieve from personal training sessions at this time of life. Whilst it may seem all doom and gloom from what you have read above, I promise we will have lots of fun together and I assure you, within a matter of weeks you will be able to do things you may have thought were out of your reach for ever!