Designed With You and Your Health in Mind

Want to Get Fit?  Lose Weight? Build Strength?....or Simply Lead A Healthier Life?

Depending on your goals, sessions will integrate a range of options such as resistance training, mobility, core strength, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility. My plans are designed to be mentally and physically progressive and challenging ensuring you grow stronger, more upright, toned and more confident as the weeks go by.  If you can bring commitment, I will guarantee to deliver you results.  Come as a group, and Ill guarantee lots of fun!

On top, I recommend you also try and commit to another couple of independent sessions a week but I am realistic about how day-to-day demands can impact on your schedule. Lets discuss how we can make fitness fit into your life. 

Athetic Women Sprinting


Through a one to one free assessment we will set realistic SMART goals, and plan your fitness and nutritional requirements using the most effective route that will work best for your life and your body type.

Ideally we will meet two to three times a week to ensure we achieve your results.   And as we work through your training plan we will look to review progress on a regular basis to ensure we are on track.  

Motivation is key and that is what I am there to do.  Expect lots!

Importantly though we will have variety and  fun: no two sessions will be the same!



I will work my hours around your busy schedule of family and job and we can meet wherever is most convenient: outdoors in one of our beautiful local parks, from your office or in your home, no space too small. 

I will provide any equipment needed such as kettlebells, therabands, stability ball, or weights.

I can provide you with an additional plan that is suited to your lifestyle and will empower you to successfully carry out your own training sessions when we are not together.  I will also provide ongoing support and encouragement along the way!  

Couple Running


Being fit is about your own optimal health and well-being. Smart eating and functional fitness are important elements of this equation.  

At our first session, I will  provide a postural assessment and if needs be set you some basic corrective exercises for any postural problems.  If you are interested in understanding how you can improve your diet and lifestyle to lose weight or support your fitness goals, then check out my Nutrition package.  

Fancy competing? With fitness test results I can devise a safe and effective 12 week training plan, suitable for your condition,  to take you from the Couch to  running 5k or even a triathlon event.  Lets discuss what event you would like to do and decide on the best test for your fitness levels.  No goal too small!