Find reviews from some of my lovely clients below!


Camilla has literally changed my life & kept me sane during a very difficult time.  I have been seeing her 2 - 3 times a week for just over 6 months & would carry on if she wasn't moving!   I was very out of shape post lockdown 1, I was missing the gym, missing routine & feeling the effects of peri/menopause weight gain & lethargy.  I got fit super fast & really enjoyed our sessions.  Latterly in lockdown 3, my son has been joining our sessions & he loves it as well.   Its a game changer!  I would recommend Camilla to everyone.  I wanted someone strong, who would motivate me, push me hard; we formed a friendship & I will genuinely miss her sessions.  Good Luck in Sussex, Camilla & thanks for everything. 

MH  - January 2021 - A40+ female

I wanted to make fitness a regular part of my life &  had never done any strength work before.  Camilla is supportive, motivating, encouraging & just the right balance of challenging & understanding: perfect for someone who is just starting out on a fitness journey.  She also taught me a lot about why each exercise would be beneficial.  I was able to meet her in a local park & she gave me workouts to do at home in between our weekly sessions.   Now, one year on, I am stronger & fitter & able to achieve goals I never thoughts possible. 

Jo O - January 2021 A30+ Female  On a  mission to lose a lot of weight

Having worked with Camilla for 18 months, I can say that she is a fantastic personal trainer.  Thanks to our weekly sessions I have increased my strength, stamina & fitness beyond what I thought was possible.  Camilla works with you & is a great communicator.  Every session is different & tailored to you so its always interesting - I loved trying new things & going out of my comfort zone made me realise what I was capable of. Thanks to Camilla I have improved my confidence, strength and self belief.

Sarah T - January 2021 A30+ with Young family

When I fell pregnant it was really important to me to continue exercising (amateur runner & triathlete & gym-goer) but I was also aware I would need to modify my training as pregnancy progressed.  .....straight from the first session I found her to be very knowledgeable, professional & most of all fun! Camilla had a variety of equipment & the sessions were challenging, varied & adapted to my growing belly, right up until the last session at 39 weeks!  She was more than willing to share her knowledge & send articles on postpartum recovery & Diastasis / Pelvic Floor healing.  I would highly recommend Camilla & am only sorry she will no longer be in London to continue my training postpartum.

Astrid - January 2021 - Pre Natal

Camilla is an expert in her field.  I had a small Diastasis and v leaky weak Pelvic floor after the birth of my son, Jacob.  From the first session, I understood exactly what I needed to do to regain my core and with her patience and gentle motivation after 3 months of sessions I returned to work feeling pretty much like new!  I have even started to slow jog again which is something I never thought I would be able to do.  I have referred her to several of my friends.

Lauren - September 2019 - Post Natal

Camilla is a fantastic trainer.  She is really motivating & listens to what you want to get out of the sessions & then tailors then for your purpose.  I also really liked the fact that she created detailed plans that I could follow at home (even in a tiny space) & then she would update them if necessary.  Highly recommend her!

Rosie - June 2019 - Pre Natal

After having a baby by C-Section, I was hesitant to get back into exercise, as wasn't sure which exercises would be safe.  Not only did Camilla give me effective workouts, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but she also gave me the knowledge & confidence to work out on my own.  I would thoroughly recommend Camilla!

Michelle - December 2018 - Post Natal

"I have really enjoyed training with Camilla.  I found her thorough and professional during our first meeting and have loved how targeted her sessions are for my goals, and my weaknesses!  Thank you!"

"I have really enjoyed training with Camilla.  I found her thorough and professional during our first meeting and have loved how targeted her sessions are for my goals, and my weaknesses!  Thank you!"

Laura - July 2017 - Pre Natal

Laura - July 2017 - Pre Natal

“I skied 1st full day of ski school and its been brilliant.  THANK YOU... Today we did those frog jumps & I was the only one in my class who cld. do it and lift both skies!!!”

S.M - March 2017 - Get me Ski Fit!

“I feel that keeping fit during pregnancy really helped both with the labour & my recovery afterwards, so wanted to thank you.  It was really good to get the guidelines for exercising safely & the sessions kept me motivated”

Zoe M. - March 2017 - Pre Natal

"The training programme which Camilla has developed for me, together with her motivation & enthusiasm and belief in my ability to achieve better fitness in my 50s, has made an enormously positive difference to my self-confidence and my quality of life".

Samantha - May 2016 - 50yrs, arthritis. Goal: Fitness and flexibility

"Camilla was very friendly, helpful, passionate and a great motivator. She really pushed me, but always made it fun. No session was the same, each one was tailored and different, and each session I did something new and was pushed as far as I was willing to go. The results speak for themselves….my strength has significantly improved and I have toned up, lost weight and feel so much more alive and healthy. The early mornings worked around my busy schedule and I would highly recommend her!"

Anneka - April-May 2016 - "only 7 weeks to get toned and lose weight for my wedding!"

"Amazing trainer! Supportive and tailor made programmes, highly recommended!"

Natasha - March 2016 - Early 30's Post Natal.  Goal: Weight loss

"Finished my 1st ever 5.6k run in an amazing 39 minutes recently!  Considering I only started running a couple of months prior & have had several major back surgeries, I am super impressed.  I could not have done it without Camilla"

Andrew H July 2015 -  Late 40's Goal: Get fit to make sure I live for longer!

"Camilla has great knowledge but what really made the difference for me is how she explained everything in a way I could understand and could relate to."

Sue - September 2014 - Early 50's.  Goal: trying to find a bit more Grrrrr!

"Found it tough but enjoyable. Sessions were nicely varied and some of the exercises are repeated regularly so it is easy to see the progress I make. Camilla always keeps me on my toes, but she is very approachable & friendly and is always sending me highly motivational texts!  I have never felt so fit"

Sarah - April 2015 ongoing -  Mid 40's  Goal: Looking for a new lease of life.

"Camilla was great. Loved her programme, she always actively sought feedback and got me motivated. It was great to see the progress throughout the three weeks. I lost 5 pounds!"

JZ May 2015 -  Early 30's Goal: Lose weight, tone up and get fitter & stronger quick!

"Camilla worked to a very specific brief - to improve my fitness and strength to make me a better tennis player and to help me to achieve my goals despite having a long-term arthritic condition. I’ve just won my first tennis tournament – thanks Camilla!"

Sam  May 2016 ongoing -  Early 50's with ankylosing spondylitis (spinal arthritis). Goal: Get me tennis match fit!