Motivational states are commonly understood as forces acting on a person, that create a disposition to engage in goal-directed behaviour.

I believe the way a trainer motivates you is ultimately the key to successful training sessions. But everyone has an unique personality which will respond best to a certain style of motivation.


 I am an experienced & highly educated trainer and well-practised in providing the right kind of motivation for your personality type.  The way I engage with you is a dynamic, constantly changing force that reacts in real time to your needs and goals for that very minute and for that particular session.  

I always make sure you have a long term goal to focus on and we will constantly refer to this, so it too becomes part of the dynamic ecosystem in which my sessions operate.  Please read some of my lovely reviews here  to see how I have successfully motivated others to achieve their goals. 

And please read my blog post on "How to Find the Motivation to Get Fit" if you're looking for ideas on how to go it alone.  Feel free to share if you find it helpful!