Zoom Personal Training

Price per 60minutes PAYG - £50. 

Pre pay 10 sessions = £450

Are you pregnant and looking for a Zoom female personal trainer to help keep you fit & strong during pregnancy?

Are you perhaps looking for a post natal female personal trainer & found Zoom training can so easily fit around nap time? 

Or like many amongst us, Zoom training is just simply more convenient for your busy working lifestyle & means you can now actually fit some Personal Training into your weekly  schedule?

Not all Zoom Personal Training is the same, however.    The following are some key questions you should ask when looking to train with someone you might never meet in person.  The appropriate answers are a good indication of why they charge the same or similar price for face to face sessions.   If the answer to any of them is no, you may want to ask them why not.

Has your trainer ever worked face to face with clients before?

Does he or she follow an evidenced based approach? Have results & reviews available from previous clients?

Is your trainer constantly updating their knowledge of what's hot and what's not in the market place?

Will your trainer fully test your capabilities before giving a comprehensive list of weights and other equipment to buy?

Has your trainer, with you involved, offered to do a risk assessment of the environment in which you are planning to train?

Will the trainer sit down with you and go through a lengthy lifestyle and fitness history, & discuss your needs, before sending you a health questionnaire? 

Does the trainer have their own Zoom Business account?

Does your trainer insist on a free session to set up the technology, and allow for glitches and interruptions that inevitably happen the first time?

Does your trainer request you have two cameras set up to allow for proper monitoring of technique?

The answer from me to all of these questions is Yes!  I also offer the following benefits:

  • Free trial first session​​

  • Exercise  at Any Time to Suit Your Schedule, Availability dependent

  • 60 min sessions.  

  • Individualised training dependent on your goals and objectives. 

  • Couples and families welcome, price to be discussed. 

Price per 60' - £50. 

Pre pay 10 sessions = £450

If you would like to arrange an initial conversation please email, text or call!



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