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I help middle aged women get stronger & more body confident; ready for the challenges of later life!

I am a Women's Strength & Wellness Coach, offering Female Personal Training, Soft Tissue Massage Therapies & Pelvic Floor & Core Strength Training.   I am based in Petworth, West Sussex & can work with you from the comfort of your home, at my own studio or live over Zoom. 


I have specialized  in working for women for upwards of 13 years.  I am  Fitness coach for women who are in the peri to post menopause life-stage, AKA middle-age! I started out as a specialist in Pre and Post Natal Women,  & am still very happy to receive enquiries from this group. 

As a Women's Menopause Fitness Specialist, I can coach you to find some of the best strategies to help you get through what might be difficult Menopause years.  With the combination of skillsets that I have (massage, fitness training, nutrition & pelvic health knowledge), I am best placed, & uniquely so,  to help you with the following: counteract the likes of Sarcopenia & Osteoporosis, help you to balance hormones which in turn may be causing all sorts of typical menopausal symptoms,  recover from  or manage female specific problems such as Hysterectomy, Prolapse, Diastasis, overactive bladder syndrome, weak or hypertonic pelvic floor; the list is endless. 


As a soft tissue massage therapist in West Sussex, I can incorporate my skills to also help ease Midlife aches & pains , the stiffness in your hips and knees, tight or sore shoulders or lower back pain.  And once we have sorted out some of these stressful & painful problems I can then help you to get strong & aerobically fit and so become confident in your body! 


Finally,  I am also the Holistic Core Restore (R) trainer for the local West Sussex & Surrey area, helping women to understand why they might have pelvic floor dysfunction & how to fix it.  As such I am a pelvic floor strength coach, offering a suite of programmes that are THE best way to help women of all shapes & sizes from young to old, discover or rediscover core & pelvic floor confidence!


Please keep scrolling to learn more. 

Are you considering getting fit & healthy for the very first time, or perhaps recovering from injury and want to get back to your exercise potential?


Perhaps you are mid life, peri to post menopausal in the West Sussex area & have noticed your current strategies for diet & exercise don’t work anymore? Confused by what you should be doing?  Seeking guidance & motivation from a female menopause specialist?


Are you pregnant & need a Zoom pelvic floor strength coach who understands the best exercises to use  for the best outcomes?   Looking for a Post Natal personal trainer who is an expert in helping women  to reconnect with their core and pelvic floor and also help in getting you back to strength & losing the excess baby weight?


Diabetic, arthritic, have a high BMI, high Blood Pressure or suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD; Suffering from Long-Covid - keen to train but anxious about how exercise will affect you physically?

I can help YOU with all of these situations, whether that be through soft tissue therapy, movement sessions  or simply planning & motivation to set you off on the right pathway!


I Make Fitness About You

Undergoing strenuous training for rowing competitions I have gained a real understanding of the secrets to getting fit and how important the likes of good posture, resistance, core stability, the quality & flexibility of your fascia & muscles, mental strength and nutrition are to total body health, and ultimately to your ability to cope with daily life.

Being slightly older in starting a new career in this field, an age when the concept of fitness becomes more about setting up your future quality of life rather than just winning medals or getting a 6 pack, my business idea and specialisms are very much focused on how  movement & soft tissue therapy can vastly improve health for the long term and particularly for those aged forty to fifty plus, perhaps going through the menopause or with certain health conditions. 


As such I have achieved certification in a range of specialist areas reflecting those ideas.

In 2015 I achieved the REPS Level 4 Diploma in Obesity & Diabetes Management, which nicely compliments my Level 3 in Exercise Prescription. Having gained a Level 3 in Pregnancy Fitness when I qualified I have continued to ensure I am on top of current thinking in this highly specialist area by moving my studies to the globally recognised Burrell Education and have achieved the Modern Pregnancy Exercise & Wellness Certificate & the Advanced Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Certificate.  More recently I have completed a Level 3 in Soft Tissue Massage Therapy as well as continuing to study for a Third Age certificate to support my Coaching of Menopausal Women.    As part of my Burrell Education investment I have lifetime access to a Student Support group which provides me with a live forum of over 5,000 trainers across a wide variety of female wellness industries who share experiences and knowledge on a daily basis and is a fantastic resource when a question needs answering. The highly regarded trainers themselves are regular contributors to the forum so providing that specialist current thinking on an ongoing basis.   


I believe I have the complimentary set of skills  to run a wellness & fitness business with a real difference:  years of working in Client Services for a Global Corporate, specifically chosen qualifications, plus first-hand experience of what it takes to make a real physical difference at this time of life. I also have over 12 years of experience in the business itself.   I am extremely focused on how I can support my clients in making positive changes for their long term, as well as helping them to discover a new inner confidence in the way they look and feel.  

If you would like to learn more and have a chat about your future... please get in touch!



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Lose weight, build a strong core, get more toned for your Wedding, train for a event, get strong, exercise for the first time in years, for the first time ever?  

Go on..... Challenge yourself! 

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Specialist Qualifications for You and Your Baby's Safety.

Mother and Very Young Baby


Are you are 8 weeks or even 18 months post natal, have limited core strength, a weak pelvic floor, and perhaps a Diastasis Recti (separated abdominal muscles)? You may also have had a C-Section. If you have any of the above then you are definitely in the right place!  And even if you are more than 18 months post natal, it is never too late to sort things out so get in touch!

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Getting You Fit For Your Future

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Managing Your Physical Health Through Fitness


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